Eye Camps
Mobile Eye Camp Service- This is the most popular type. Our Mobile unit will visit your company and we will have a mini showroom and an eye testing program.
(Please contact Nilaksha- 0776 989 820)

Base Eye Camp
We offer the same discounts but your employees have to visit one of our branches to receive them. We recommend this for a less number of employees and they can enjoy a large selection of frames and a fully computerized eye testing facility .Your employees can visit leisurely and enjoy the benefits without any hassle. If your company is paying, we can arrange accordingly. If your organization can come to an agreement, we can provide you more facilities.

Special Rate
Prices will be around 30% to 40% lower than the regular prices and we will do the eye testing free of charge for all your employees. Apart from that we have packages starting from Rs. 1000/= and up.