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Long sightedness (Hyperopia)
The image of any distant object that you see is formed in front of the retina resulting blurred near vision. Normally patients do not have problems with distance vision but could experience eye strain and headaches for near vision. Generally the numerical power of this type of prescription is positive (+).

Short Sightedness (Myopia)
Any distant object that you see is formed front of the retina. Normally patients do not have problems with near vision (except for high myopias) but experience blurred vision for distance - very common condition. Generally the numerical power of this type of prescription is negative (-).

The object that you see is formed at two different places in the retina. Astigmatic prescriptions always consist of a cylindrical component and an axis component.

Majority of patients who experience this condition are over 40 years. They may experience blurred vision, headaches and eye strain after prolonged reading and sometimes blurred vision for distance too. We recommend them a pair of bifocals, a pair of varifocals or a pair of ready readers depending upon their requirement such as the occupation, hobby etc. Also we can offer you lenses like occupational bifocals, executives, trifocals and varifocals, thin down lenses (high index lenses), anti reflective and anti scratch coated lenses, photo chromic lenses (colour changing), UV protection and different colour tints.

Now with our wider range of spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses, customers have more freedom to choose the best suited glasses according to the shape of their face and preference.

If you have any doubts about which lens type to use, do not worry, our friendly staff is there to help you out!

A good eye examination
We always recommend having a comprehensive eye examination by a qualified optician because it is very important to carry out checkups for vision related pathologies like glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration etc.

Testing eyes means not just getting the right prescription for glasses or spectacles; it should be a comprehensive check up to give you a report on your eyes health condition too. Today we use latest technology to do comprehensive eye tests by UK and Sri Lanka registered optometrists.

Our comprehensive eye test will cover the prescription, eye pressure test, fundus copy and eye health report.

Please book an appointment with our qualified Optometrist.

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